21 September, 2016 - "Perfume"

Long story short, a few months ago the concept for
this personal project began stewing in my head.
A mixture of inspiration just flooded my head,
I began seeing pink every where I looked.
When the ideas for this concept began conjuring up,
I also immediately had a muse in mind.
She loves the colour pink and flowers and she's even named
after a flower. Only problem was that my muse
was boarding a plane the next day for a 6 week trip
to Europe. So I waited, stewed over the ideas more
and more in my head and then when she returned,
began actioning my ideas. I wanted to keep this
concept simple, so I decided I could style it myself,
sourcing from local designers and my personal stash.
It would be a balance to not let some of the elements
like the smoke and flowers be too
cluttering and overempowering. So I tried to stick to
my rule of simplicity is complexity - less is more.

Once again I roped in makeup artist Shannon Jennings,
who has such a great aesthetic when it comes to
styling flowers, from her floristry background, that I
knew she could help in not just creating the beauty
on the day, but also help me with one particular
floral concept - "floral' vajazzling. Shannon taught me
that new word "vajazzler" - I didn't even know there
was a word for it haha.

So inspired by cotton candy skies, marshmellows,
flowers, perfume, all shades of pink and the great
feminine mystique, here's what we created a few
weeks ago together with random photos I've taken
of sunsets past and more recent.

Note self: cling wrapping a human being - ticked off my bucket list

Creative Direction/ Photography/ Styling: Katriena Emmanuel
Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist/ Floral Vajazzler: Shannon Jennings
Muse/ Model: Daisy Nelson @ Dallys Models and Hunter Model Management

With special thanks to SJ Lingerie for supplying their red Anais lace bodysuit and Silk Laundry for supplying the
garnet and rose silk slip dresses.


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13 September, 2016 - "Jolie Laide"

Here's a different take on beauty, creating "imperfect" looks and intentionally leaving
them imperfect. This was the thinking behind Brisbane based Makeup Artist Hope O'Connor's
concept for "Jolie Laide". She asked me shoot it fairly raw with minimal retouching, leaving
what retouchers would normally want to "retouch out" of an image. So if you see
dirty looking lip edges, or fall out dust, we intentionally left it in.
One beautiful mess!

The premise is, beauty lies in our imperfections.
We all take life so seriously nowadays, striving
for perfection in our own ways. Whilst it is
inspirational to be aspirational, striving to be
better versions of ourselves,
we must not forget that who we are
isn't necessarily what we look like.

So let's let down our hair, embrace all
that makes us who we are, flaws, imperfections
and snorting laugh and all.
Never be afraid to get silly is one of my mottos.

So lets get silly......

Desiree of Busy Models was the perfect muse
for this concept. Desiree has been a model
based in Singapore for the last few years and
recently moved to Australia to study as well as
continue her modelling career here.
She actually has pretty flawless skin!
and is such a sweet bubble of joy and beauty.
Desiree totally embraced the concept of the
shoot and was willing to get down and
dirty and a little bit silly and expressive.
I always say I love the fearless models,
who aren't afraid to look "ugly" for a photo
yet, even then, they still manage to look beautiful haha.


Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Artistic Director & Makeup Artist: Hope O'Connor
Model/ Muse: Desiree @ Busy Models


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(c) copyright Katriena Emmanuel Photography Pty Ltd all rights reserved