Summer Skin - 20 October, 2017

Here's a little shoot that Kate and I got up together
one day, when she came back to Australia
on a short holiday, as she's now living in London.
I've known Kate probably more than 5 years now,
as with many of the models that I work with,
I've often shot them when they just started out
as teenagers. I think I met Kate when she was
around 15 years old and since then she's
moved to London, working there as a model
and has grown so much from the first time
I ever tested her. One thing that has not changed
about Kate, is her dreamy skin! No retouch is
required on such good healthy skin! Ahhh!
makes my life sooo much easier...

Kate loves film photography and the nostalgia
for all things a little bit retro. I've always thought
she reminded me of a supermodel from the 80's
and 90's. Kate just has that classic beauty look,
the thick bushy brows, full lips and piercing
blue eyes. So I thought I'd process these
photos in a more 80's vibe.

So we met at the beach just before lunch time,
and quickly shot these in about an hour and half.
The beach was crowded that day, as it was a
super hot day for Spring. We didn't let the
crowds in our way, cramp our style, and
Kate was a pro, constantly moving for
the camera, oblivious to the people
around watching us.


Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Talent: Kate Mogg of Bookings Models UK






(c) copyright Katriena Emmanuel Photography Pty Ltd all rights reserved