11 October, 2016 - "OJOS ASI"

"Ojos Asi" is the name of a song by Shakira, a song
which in my younger years I would burst out
dancing "Arabic belly dancing style" on a cruise boat
"Down d Islands" off the coast of Trinidad. True Story.

When you meet Desiree, the first thing I noticed
were her eyes, not for the feline quality in them,
but their mesmerizing colour, which depending
on the light and reflection will change from
hazel to green and back to brown.

"No encontre ojos asi,
Como los quienes tu"

Which translates into

I"ve never found eyes like those,
like those which you have"

(excuse the lack of accents, forgot how to type in accents).

The reason for my flashback into Spanish and the
years I spent absorbed in everything "Latino".
Well, if you haven't guessed it, Desiree has
Latina roots. Her Mom is Puerto Rican, while
her Dad is American, they met on the beach
and so I meet Desiree on the beach, early
one morning to witness the sunrise in her eyes.

I swear Desiree's beauty is internal. If you've seen
her smile, you will have your proof. She has it all,
brains and beauty, currently studying Marine Biology
whilst in Australia. So it was a no brainer to take
someone who adores the ocean, to the ocean
to photograph.

So here is how Desiree's sunrise swim with me


Model/Muse: Desiree @ Busy Models and AVE (Singapore)
Photographer & Stylist: Katriena Emmanuel

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