30 November, 2017 - Scouted "Elsa"

A few months ago, I had to make a quick pop into the grocery after
school pick up and I quickly popped into my local newsagent
to buy a Lotto ticket on my way out. While I was at the newsagent
I very tall girl with her back to me caught my eye. I dwindled the
time away at the magazine rack waiting to see what she
looked like when she spun around. She finally did turn around
to speak to her mother, in what I thought sounded at the time
like Russian (turned out it was Icelandic). I wasted no time in
interrupting her conversation with her mother and introduced
myself to them both and asked if they had ever considered
modelling. I left them my contact details and soon after
we were chatting on the phone and then planned to
do a test shoot.

Ironically, the beautiful Icelandice Queen I scouted that day
is called Elsa and she comes from a land I've dreamed
so many times of visiting and photographing. I might not
have won the lotto that day, but I felt pretty lucky
scouting Elsa. Honestly, Elsa has the kind of beauty and
grace I've been dreaming of finding one day to
photograph. I still pinch myself I could find
someone in Australia with her unique features.
If I had to state my "type of model" that I'm drawn
to creatively, it would be that awkward beauty,
sometimes alien even. The kind of beauty one
never forgets.

Elsa is certainly an amazing young woman,
I found her highly intelligent and attentive. She's like a
sponge just absorbing all that is around her then
intuitively giving it back to you in such an effortlessly
natural way. Certainly creative in her own right.

So here are some of shots from our quick
test shoot together, no makeup or hair,
we styled this together from some of her
wardrobe and mine and made it up as we went along.

Did I mention Elsa is an Rhythmic Gymnast!

Muse: Elsa at Busy Models
Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel

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