29 November, 2016 - STAR DUST

I often say most of the work on my website is personal work,
but here is some personal work I shot a few months ago.
A few months ago I got a black lace bralet and it spawned
this concept, on how to shoot a basic black bralet in a new
light, something that hasn't been already done before.
Coincidently or not, I had a shoot in a few days where the
model was Brodie of Viviens Model Management.
Often, people notice that I shoot the same models
again and again and that is because sometimes I
have an instant rapport with a model and whenever
a personal project comes up, I instantly think of
my favourite people to be around, who I have
built up a mutual trust with and rapport.

So I instantly thought Brodie would be perfect
to shoot the black bralet on, a nice contrast
to her natural platinum blonde hair and
Scandinavian looks. I can't remember how
or what inspired me but at the time, I wanted to
shoot silver stars with platinum hair and
black bralet, and so birthed my "big prosthetic
lips" I made, painted black and stuck silver
stars in them. I asked Brodie to come a little
earlier on the day, so I can quickly test
something out on her. Keeping it
simple and raw, Brodie arrived
with a Bali tan and no makeup.

So half an hour before everyone arrives,
Brodie and I get to shooting. Next thing you
know, I'm running into the kitchen to
grab the olive oil spray to spray her body
so I can stick more silver stars on her
body. Meanwhile, my backdrop is
falling over (Brodie's mom - Bek takes
position to hold it up the entire time),
while my dog is running through the set,
licking the oil off Brodie and setting her
into a fit of giggles. That was the moment
we made magic!

And here's what we got up to in the
30 minutes we had and I'm still finding
stars till this day!

Model:- Brodie Halford @ Viviens Model Management
Styling & Photographer:- Katriena Emmanuel
Assistance:- Bek Halford
Bralet by Australian lingerie designer "Kat The Label"

Happy New Moon in Saggitarius


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4 November, 2016 - "Mystical Romance" by Grace Bijoux

Back in September I had the opportunity to shoot local Australian
jewellery designer Grace Bijoux's bridal campaign "Mystical Romance".
Against an urban setting in the heart of Brisbane city, stylist and
creative director Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald pulled together the location,
the set design and wardrobe to create this campaign. The urban
backdrop provided a refreshing contrast to the bohemian roots
of the Grace Bijoux brand. The day was forecast to be rainy, but
once again, the weather held out for us and was actually just
perfect for what we wanted to capture. Although the wind was sometimes
a swirling vacuum, it provided the right amount of magic on the day.
If it's one thing I've learned from working with a brand like
Grace Bijoux, is that we evoke the magic from within.

This collection has to be one of my favourites to date.
So much so, that looking back on this shoot, it inspired me
to write this short back story for our muse /model Lexi.

"As she approaches the full moon,
she grows more restless.
With her barefeet on the earth and
her heart beating to its own drum,
she is in love with everything wild.
Just as one cannot catch the wind,
you cannot capture her.
Some day she's a black magic woman,
but no, she is a white magic woman.
For inside her there is a magic,
but it comes from a pure heart and
love for all.
And next time you hear her voice in the waves,
look deep into her eyes and truly see
her soul's awakening."

Grace Bijoux Bridal Jewellery Campaign
Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Stylist & Creative Director: Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald
Model/Muse: Lexi Graham @ Busy Models
Makeup Artist: Sallie Wilson
featuring gowns by Spell Designs and Grace Loves Lace

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