24 May, 2017 - Anatomy of Pomegranate

The etymology of the word pomegranate has its
roots in Medieval Latin - ponum granatum translated as "seeded apple"
or "apple of a dark red colour"

For months, I stewed on a vision of alabaster skin,
the vibrant magenta red of pomegranate sitting
on the seat of power, with its juices oozing and
running down her legs. The meaning for me
lies in the duality of everything that exists.
Blood can represent life extenguished
or the blood that flows between the
legs of a woman, enabling her to give life.

More and more I am becoming aware of
the cycles of life. Predominately, the cycles of
the moon has consumed me. The term
menstruation and menses have their
origins in the latin word mensis meaning
month which in turn relate to mene, the
Greek word for moon. The english language
borrowed from these for the words month
and moon. In early civilization,
women were the time keepers, and
by observing the cycles of the moon
they were able to keep a calendar of
time. Coincidently or not, the 28 day cycle
of the moon and menstrual cycle
seem to mirror each other.

Menstruation is the equivalent to a blood initiation
into womanhood. Bleeding is essential
to our reproductive system and yet it seems
so taboo a subject to discuss or represent.
Hence, why I wanted to visually represent it
in my artistic representation of it.
For someone who has endomitriosis,
and understanding how painful a subject
this can be for women who have
issues with their period or fertilify, I felt
the need to share a symbolic photograph
to celebrate our womanhood, no
matter at what stage we are, or
what difficulties we have. We must own
our bodies, we must own who we are.
This is part of who we are. Cherish
your body, for you are alive... savour it
in all its glory and naturalness.

So here lies my story of the anatomy of a pomegranate.

Thank you so much to my muse/ model Aria of Busy Models
for being brave enough in trusting me in this concept.


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