31 May - Woolies "Fresh Faced People"

So I have a new take on the Woolies slogan "Fresh Food People", after having scouted two potential models at the same Woolies grocery.

Christmas week last year, I was doing the groceries at my local Woolies when I noticed this beautiful freckly faced teen shopping with her Dad.
They seemed both so merry shopping along and I tried my best to not look like I was noticably scoping out the young girl, as I kept conveniently going the same aisles as them.
I had this inner dialogue with myself, that just kept telling me "she's model material, you cannot let this one pass".Eventually, I got the nerve to approach the Dad
and introduced myself as a photographer and asked whether his daughter was a model or interested in modelling. The rest they say is history and a few months later
Lily and I set up a test shoot to get some shots for her to show some agencies.

For most model tests, especially new faces, their first time shooting, I like to keep things simple, either just shooting in natural light, preferably outdoors where the natural environment
tends to allow most people to relax, distracted by the beauty of the environment rather than be intimidated by the four walls of a studio with big lights in their faces. For Lily's test, we
shot in just natural light but in the studio stripped back with creased coffee stained fabric backdrop I made, which I thought would make for an interesting feel with her dressed in denim,
jersey and knits with a hint of retro. Lily is just 14 so I wanted to keep the styling simple, as model tests are essentially a model's portrait, capturing their raw beauty and essence.
Lily attended with no makeup, hair unstyled - essentially raw beauty.

We probably took less than an hour to shoot and here are some of the shots we took on that day. I did snap a few of her outdoors when I found some little weed-like flowers growing out
of the cracks in my pavers and picked a few and stuck on her face like "flower freckles". Lily was so much fun to shoot, she was just so effortlessly natural in front of the camera. I can see
she's thought about modelling before and there is a passion in her for it. She is quite artistic herself, draws beautifully, loves nature especially the beach, where she surfs from time to time
with her Dad, who is actually one of the coolest Dad's I've ever met. He even taught her how to ride his motor cycle! Lily appears to be a confident young lady, fearless, adventurous and
very clever. I hope she stays true to herself, as only when we are true to ourselves, are we our most happiest and successful in face of anything that life may throw at us.

And now it's official, Lily is now a model represented by Queensland based agency, Busy Models (
I am really thrilled, cause Lily is the first face I ever scouted and now to successfully get signed, is just brilliant. I cannot wait to see how this fresh faced talent blossoms.

All the best Lily, I will be watching you! Hopefully, we will get to shoot again in the future.

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23 May - In This Unfolding

Model: Brittney Ross of Dallys Models; Styled by Alyssa Selin; Hairstylist Aleesha Darke and Makeup Artist Carla Sakrzewski

So this weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Brisbane jewellery designer, Luke Maninov's exhibition at the Queensland College of Art Project Gallery.
The exhibition has been opened for the month of May, finishing on 30 May. I had the opportunity of shooting two of Luke's pieces which then became
part of the exhibition alongside his jewellery pieces, sculptural pieces as well as some printed artwork.

Luke Maninov has managed to bridge science and art through his intricate jewellery designs based on neuroscience research and biomedical imaging.
He draws inspiration from neural forms and states of consciousness. "In this Unfolding" explores the idea of human life from birth through to ageing and
beyond. The beyond being described as the transcendent form expressed through the exploration of a unique neural structure, the ellipsoid body.

I have always been a fan of Luke's unique and organic, intricate designs, which are even more fascinating to think they are inspired by the brain. What is even more inspiring
about Luke's work is that it has a purpose. 20% of sales are being donated to MND, Me for Motor Neuron Disease Research and Alzheimer's Disease Research.
So essentially, you are not only owning a work of art, which stems from your actual brain, but also supporting great causes.

So here are a few snap shots I took of some of what is on display at the exhibition, together with a shot together with Luke himself, photobombed by my daughter Ella.


Thank you Luke for letting my creative team and myself contribute in some small part to your exhibition.

More of Luke's work can be found on his website.


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15 May - Chill Out

A few months ago I shot for a new styling duo named "The Glitter Collective" - the story now seems more relevant for Autumn's chilly days.
The brief was "laid back", casual chic, layered for the cooler months. So we created this modern, minimalism interior space in my studio
complete with my favourite magazines and fashion books for a more homely, cosy feel, in how you would want to spend your days rugged up
with a good book and a coffee in hand. The Glitter Collective created a mish mash of labels from your brand staples like Country Road,
Witchery, Kookai, Saba and Sportsgirl to your more higher end designers like Casey Tanswell Designs, Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang.

On beauty was Carla Sakrezewski of ARC Creative, who created a fresh, dewy look with some warm tones on the eyes, cheeks and lips for a paired-back
everyday makeup look. Hair was styled for that natural look just using some beach hair spray and scrunched for some texture through the ends.

Annie Pullar of Dallys was just perfectly natural chilling out with her girl next door beauty and freshness.

In terms of the photography, we wanted it to look more like natural window light, giving the space that big open room feeling, so I mimicked the light of an Octabox
by using two medium soft boxes positioned at a 45 degree angle to the subject with white gobos positioned on either side of the model to bounce the light around.
We wanted to keep this editorial story as natural as possible, so these are pretty much straight out of camera with some minor colour corrections.


4 May - May the fourth be with you

It is my simple intention to create a reaction in people, put a smile on their face. There is too much negativity
out in the world and my aim as a photographer is always to add back beauty, love and joy into the world when I create an image.

This shoot was so much fun to do, I had one of the best days spending it with my conspirators - makeup artist Megan Braunberger and
model Nadine Ballis of Dallys Models. Aww it's so funny the things we sometimes do to our models and Nadine was such a great sport!
She was a joy to shoot and was so expressive in following my directions. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Nadine you are just brilliant!

So I hope this beauty story puts a smile on your face or brings a chuckle to your day, cause it sure did that for us when we shot it.

I promise no Lego Models were harmed in the making of this shoot. Thanks to Megan's loving husband Liam for entrusting us with
some of his prized Lego characters, too many to thank and not all we had a chance to shoot on the day.

Next week I will post some of the behind the scenes in how we shot this shoot using the Lego models together with some extra images not yet released in this post.

Thanks again Megan for being my partner in crime in executing this concept I had, you were too AWESOME!


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