18 March 2017 - All About the Peach

A few months ago, makeup artist Shannon Jennings
approached me about shooting a beauty story
inspired by the colours and textures of the peach.
For months, we both obssessed about peaches,
talking/conspiring about it, but we had to wait
for two elements before we could shoot.
(1) was for peaches to be in season; and
(2) for the model we had envisioned for it,
to return from a modelling stint overseas.

Finally, the two elements lined up and a
week before the shoot, I began putting
together the wardrobe to compliment
the hair and beauty notes that Shannon
had planned out. As if there is ever a
shoot without its hurdles, we almost
had a hiccup, as the model had a
last minute casting on the day
the shoot was planned. However,
Brodie, the model has such an incredible
work ethic, she didn't want us to miss
out on shooting it, so she proposed
we just shoot earlier than planned.

The day of the shoot was a whirlwind.
It took three people to set the hair,
myself, Bek (Brodie's mum) and Shannon.
We whizzed through shooting as fast as
we could in under 2 hours, so we
would have time to return Brodie's
hair back to straight for her casting right after.

There were soo many favourites, but these
are some of my uber favs. I have to say
I am really damn proud of Shannon Jennings.
She blew me away with her interpretation
of the peach into beauty, from the
"peach fuzz" inspired texture of the hair,
to the tones and shades she used in the makeup,
as well as the blending in of the colours.
Pat yourself on the back Shannon!

Thank you to Brodie for bringing to life
the peach.

Velvet suit by Isabelle Quinn

Rose Slip by Silk Laundry; Sheer Cami by SJ Lingerie

Granita Slip by Silk Laundry

Slip Dress by Isabelle Quinn

Velvet Slip dress by Isabelle Quinn


Photographer & Stylist: Katriena Emmanuel
Artistic Director & Makeup Artist: Shannon Jennings
Muse: Brodie Halford @ Viviens Model Management
Assistance: Bek Clarke
Wardrobe featured in the story:
Isabelle Quinn, Silk Laundry, SJ Lingerie and stylist's own accessories


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