28 March, 2016 - YOU, THE OCEAN & ME

This shoot almost didn't happen.

The day of the shoot, I woke up to dark skies and rain on the rooftop. I spent the entire
morning checking the rain radars and satellite forecasts to determine whether the rain
would clear by lunch time when I had planned to shoot Brooke and Tate on the beach.
That morning, I was in two minds, tossing in my head whether to cancel or to wing it
and see if by the time I got to the beach, the rain would hold long enough to shoot.
My instincts were telling me, the sun will come out long enough to play, but the satellite
was saying otherwise. Thankfully, I listened to Brooke, she messaged me and said lets
just meet at the beach and decide based on the weather then what to do. And with
renewed faith from Brooke's determination and positivity, I jumped into the car
quickly and turned on the radio and the song "Happy" was playing and I smiled
knowing, it was going to work out perfectly. And it did! The rain held back long
enough for us to shoot on the beach, mind you there were times I was holding
an umbrella in one hand and shooting in the other hand. I think we had an hour
and half of sun, but it felt like a few minutes, went so quickly and just as we
wrapped up and packed up, the rain came slamming down upon us, as
we made our way to the car, getting a fully soaked rain blessing.

Brooke also taught me a lesson, to trust my instincts more
than I trust the weather forecasts.
So thank you Brooke, for being you.

The Ocean

She is wild and unpredictable
I respect her, cause I know I can never know
the deep fathoms of her soul
She is a mystery
Yet she calms me to my being when I am around her.
And she heals my wounds with her salty kisses

I could be describing the ocean, or I could be describing Brooke

Brooke inspires me, there is something, I can't quite put my
finger on it, but she is an enigma.

I had so much fun on this shoot with Brooke and Tate, they
made me believe again in love, romance and adventure.
They prove to me that no age or time can be placed on love.
So this is the story about a boy from Byron and a girl from Brisbane
who met through the web of life.

Photography & Styling: Katriena Emmanuel
Models: Brooke Madsen @ Viviens Model Management
and Tate Morrison


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16 March, 2016 - Sunrise Sea Siren

So today is my birthday.

I'm getting older and its a good thing. I am discovering
that the older I get the more comfortable I am in my own
skin. This gives such a greater feeling of freedom that I always
thought was associated with being young. But I was wrong.
When I was young, I was so attached to conditional thinking
and institutions like religion, education and society. As I get older
I seem to be breaking free from such limitations of thought
and growing and evolving more into who I am, who I was
born to be.

So being the Pisces that I am,
I thought it appropriate to share a little photo essay I
shot recently with model/muse Annalise. It's been almost
a year to the date that I first scouted Annalise in a shopping
mall and tested her soon after then. So I thought we were
long overdue to touch base and see how much she has grown
in a year, as she was about 14 when I scouted her. Well,
Annalise turns 15 in a few days, 20 March to be exact, as I
discovered recently that she is a fellow Piscean, probably
explaining our connection. In the year that I've seen Annalise
she's grown not just in height, but as a young woman.
Even when I first photographed Annalise, I sensed a maturity
beyond her years, like she was an old soul.

I think you will discover for yourself how deep Annalise's beauty
lies. Her eyes are profound pools that one can easily drown in them
if they stare long enough. So is her magic.

Annalise moves so naturally and effortlessly for the camera.
You just don't want to stop taking photographs of her. The
ocean is her real home, it is her true place of sanctuary, where
she finds herself in alighnment with her true nature. I think
the sea like other forms of water, is a mysterious force of
energy. It has the power to heal wounds with its saltiness
and re-balance us with its negative ions.

This shoot will be one of my best days. I don't often shoot
at sunrise, last I did was a few years ago and I forgot how magical
that hour is, when for a few minutes all is showered in a
golden glow. The colour of the light changes constantly.
But it was a great day because I spent it with great people.
After which, we went to breakfast and had a good chat,
although I think neither of us really wanted to leave the
beach other than for our hungry stomachs haha.

Model/ Muse: Annalise @ Busy Models
no makeup, styling by Annalise.

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9 March, 2016 - Floral Fetishes

Well despite being pretty busy at the moment and my health a bit run down
from lack of sleep from editing work until the wee hours of the morning, I
managed to squeeze in an impromptu personal shoot.

Even when I'm testing models for their books, I still try and squeeze into it
a creative idea, if the model inspires or triggers a concept in my head.
Lately, I noticed a trend in the last three test shoots I did, in which I
somehow incorporated flowers into it. It would seem my obsession
with flowers has not yet wilted.

The following three shots are from three recent model tests

Lips of Kaycee Gibbs of Dallys

Holly Soden of Dallys with beauty by Alana Mevissen

Lips of Abbie of Busy Models

So when I had a free day in between work, I rallied up two of my
favourite people to collaborate with, model Georgah Crane of
Busy Models and makeup artist/ hairstylist Alana Mevissen.
Coincidently, the two had never met or worked with each other
until this collaboration. Inspiration was loose, Alana had some
ideas she wanted to release in terms of makeup;
mainly to buck the trend of dewy, skin highlights
and replace with matte skin, flushed cheeks and a smudged, stained lip.
I on the other hand just thought I could easily just buy some flowers
as when I think of Georgah, I often think of the green obsessed
plant-a-holic that she is. So I thought flowers are always easy and
great prop to style a shoot.

So hours before the shoot, I buy a bunch of different flowers,
with a few intentional ideas in my head and the rest we
just leave up to spontaneous inspiration. As we all together on the day,
we are bursting with excited ideas to test and next thing
you know, I'm digging out old netting, old dried flowers I've
kept for years, and other paraphernalia that I've been hoarding..

I realise now my hoarding habits, that my mother would call me
a "squirrel" growing up and that my hubby calls me now a hoarder,
finally get put to use on my shoots. I like to keep the most random
things, and as I stash them away an idea of how I could use them
begins to marinate until the right time to manifest them. I
had even kept loads of the clear plastic paper that they use to
wrap around flower bouquets with the intention to wrap them over
a head one day. Well I finally got to put them to use, but instead of
explaining my inspirations and intentions for what we shot, I
will just leave them open for your interpretation.

So here is a sneak peek of some of what we created in 3 hours
of time well spent together.

(the moment I tell Alana to run outside and pull up some vines I have growing by front door; and she can't
find them cause my dog was lying on top of them - haha)

Thank you Georgah and Alana for being awesome creative conspirators and whipping up some magic
together in a few hours.

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