25 Mar - INTERSTELLAR *Culture Magazine*

I've been a photographer for about 6 years now and since the beginning, one of the magazines I dreamed of some day being published
in was Culture Magazine. It's an independently published magazine here in Australia, based in the same city I work out of, which is Brisbane.

For years I'd collect Culture magazine issues, as it always seemed to contain the kind of editorial stories and photography I one day hoped to create myself.
Creative, out of the box, yet polished looking photographs of amazing hair fashion and beauty. And Culture has long been credited for being a platform for
Australian talent, so likewise I relish that in a local publication.

Well, my day finally came in February 2015 with the release of Culture's summer issue dedicated to the local Australian Hair Heroes. It is actually so humbling to
be amongst such a stellar cast of creatives in one issue, that I am very proud of myself and my creative team, whom without, this might not have been possible.
So thank you to my amazing team for producing results beyond my wildest expectations on the day of the shoot. Even though we had a "rough plan" of what we were going to
do, somehow with this creative bunch, we spontaneously make magic as we go along. It was the type of day that runs smoothly and everyone on the team is tingling
with enthusiasm and love for what they do best.

On hair is Shannon James Julian Williams
beauty by Megan Braunberger
and our talented model Chudier of Dallys Model Management

Whenever I photograph model Chudier, I always love to sneak in shots of her smiling or laughing, she has one of the most infectiously beautiful smiles.
Gotta love her!

Team Photo with our spread in Culture
From left to right: Megan, Shannon and Me!

So I can tick "published in Culture magazine" off my bucket list haha!

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17 MAR - Laughing in the Face of your Fears

I've got a little secret to secret is after almost 6 years of creating my dream career as a fashion and beauty photographer, I struggled with self doubt, fear and
lost count of how many times I was close to calling it quits. You might say it's what us "creatives" are cursed with, but now I know it's not just an "artist suffering" - it's a human condition
we all experience at some point in our lives. When we really reflect upon it, we are all really just searching to know who we really are and what is our truth, what is our purpose.

Which brings me to my little secret in how I found myself again, got my "mojo" back I guess you could describe it. I decided to stop going around in circles, doing the same things
won't get me any closer to my goals, so I decided to do something different. To invest in me! After all, my business is me, I work for myself, the photos I take are through my eyes, my vision,
and if my mindset wasn't right then nothing else would be. So I had been recommended a performance coach by another fellow creative and I made a promise to myself to try it. Honestly,
I thought a performance/ business coach would give me all these amazing ideas, tricks, tips and tools to make my business grow, but what I discovered through my coaching sessions was it
was more about working on myself. My mindset is what creates and propels not just me but everything else around me; my business, my family, my relationships, my wellbeing and personal life.

I am now forever grateful to one woman, Immik Kerr ( ) - my performance coach, who I credit as the spark for my enlightenment. She has set me on a path
of self discovery, learning and exponential growth in becoming a better version of myself. I can only tell you how much better I think and feel about everything, big or small, my eyes and
heart have been opened that much bigger as a result.

If it's one piece advice that I would give, it is to invest in yourself. You are your greatest asset! You've yet to realise it and harness your potential to its fullest. Sometimes, we need a little
help in getting there. However, once on that course, it still takes work to keep up a healthy mindset. However, I believe, that once you have reached that awareness, I think it becomes
harder to resort back to your old patterns of thinking and emotions.

So go out today and do something to enrich your mind, body and/or soul. Read an inspiring book, take a walk through an art gallery, a jog on the beach or just simply sit with your eyes closed
and just breath in the air deeply.

So after re-connecting with my authentic self, I feel empowered to make a positive change in this world no matter how small it may be and produce more and more imagery that touches the
soul of the viewer and adds positivity back to create the world I envision, one filled with goodness. And so this leads me to a new project that I will be undertaking, which soon I will be able to share more
information about with you.

So smile to the stranger next to you; you have no idea what an impact that may have. Just be kind!

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11 MAR - Game Changer

Some new work shot last year published in this month's issue of American magazine, Shustring.

This is one of my favourite creative teams to work with, Carla Sakrzewski on makeup and Aleesha Darke on hair, who I have known and worked with many times over the years.
We have become a well oiled machine when the three of us all work together. Our model, Isabelle "Izzy" is a mover and a shaker in more ways than one.
She brings a great energy on set, and is such a hard worker in getting the shot even with an injured ankle on the day of the shoot.
That's dedication! Thanks Izzy!

I called this "sportsluxe" editorial "Game Changer" mainly because I wanted to challenge and break the rules of photography a bit in terms of composition.
You will notice in some shots limbs have been cropped out which I deliberately did in camera, as I wanted to isolate more closely the shapes the body would make in mid air movement.

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