30 June, 2016 - Sand Storm Festival for Grace Bijoux

So just under a week ago, I shot the campaign for Grace Bijoux's "2016 Festival Collection".
It will no doubt be an unforgettable day, as it was one of the windiest winter days thus far.
Perfect conditions really for a sand storm, which was just what we needed to capture
the collection amongst wide open arid spaces for the wandering bohemian feel.

Grace Bijoux is an Australian jewelry brand based on the Gold Coast and designed by
Lisa McDonald. Lisa had such a clear vision for what she wanted, which was to
conjur the festival vibe, think of Burning Man, Coachella, Splendour in the Grass,
you get the vibe.

So how do you create a desert oasis in the middle of the Gold Coast,
shooting at one of the most popular and recognisable shoot locations - The Spit.
Well, Lisa together with Julie, her set designer, worked on creating the Tipi scene, as
the little oasis amongst the sea of sand we had swirling around us that day.
We all felt taken far away from the Gold Coast, probably on some Californian desert
or some such place and Jessica of Que Models was our gypset for the day.

As we continued shooting towards last light of the day, the wind grew
stronger. The sand would whip and sting any exposed skin.
Model/ Muse Jessica braved the gusts of sand spitting up and just
moved with the flow of the wind. There were moments she reminded
me of a Wind Dancer. The flawless beauty was created by makeup artist Sallie Wilson,
who also assisted Lisa on the styling together the outfits with the
jewelry pieces. It was a "girl power" kind of day and we had Mother
Nature herself, on our side, providing us with the sunny weather on a cold
winter's day and the wind creating that dynamic element to the imagery.
It was the perfect sand storm so to speak. By the end of the day,
I'm sure we were all finding sand on us for days after. I could still
feel the sand in my throat later that night and find sand days later
in my ears. Definitely a small price to pay for an epic day creating imagery with
an amazing bunch of people .

wearing Silk Laundry Emerald Silk Slip dress as a skirt

wearing Nine Lives Bazzar

Wearing shorts by Spell Designs

Sand spitting everywhere


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19 June, 2016 - SUCCULENT SKIN

So I skipped May, oops. Last month and this month have been a busy blur.
I can finally make time to share with you a story I shot a short while back inspired
by the little things in nature that I adore. I've been stashing them away as I find them:-
moss and lichens growing on my rotting fence. Saving them for something
special. Then the time finally came to put them to use as everything seemed
to align. In speaking to makeup artist Shannon Jennings, I discovered she
had a penchant for growing succulents in her garden. Interestingly, Shannon
was also once a florist and so I thought her background would be just perfect
combination for a project like this. So Shannon and I got to plotting, scraping,
collecting, and digging out among other things in preparation for this concept.

For this beauty series I wanted the images to resemble oil pantings,
somewhat, with their texture and richness of colour evoked. And
for the perfect muse, I collaborated again with one of my favourites,
Chudier of Dallys, who interesting fact, shares the same birthday as me -
PISCES RULE! haha! Of course, I could never not capture Chudier not
smiling, as she has one of the most beautiful and intoxicating smiles.


Photographer/ Creative Director: Katriena Emmanuel
Makeup Artist/ Succulent Artist: Shannon Jennings
Muse: Chudier @Dallys and Hunter Model Management

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