17 July, 2016 - SUNDAY SCHOOL

Sunday Wegener is a name to remember. One Monday I
shot Sunday in my home studio. It was a quick test session.
Sunday, 14 years old, was discovered over a year ago by
local scout at Hunter Model Management and quickly
secured a place with Dallys Models in Brisbane. Although there is
some time again before Sunday truly embarks on a modelling
career, she embodies the makings of a gifted model.

As I've written many times before, I view modelling
as a performance art, much like acting or dancing.
I think I'm beginning to figure out what qualities
makes a model stand out from the rest and potentially
emerge as a supermodel. Of the many amazing models
I've had the opportunity to work with, I recognise
some similar qualities, in varrying degrees:-
(1) they don't take themselves seriously, and
aren't afraid to look "ugly" doing silly faces.
They are comfortable in their own skin.
(2) they have no inhibitions, they are brave.
(3) they have a strong work ethic and put
110% into anything they do and give you
their all, they are passionate about what
they do
(4) they don't assume to know everything.
They are open to learning new things, as
well as contributing to a shoot with their
own creative ideas and expression.

Sunday is no exception to the above. At just 14
she has such a natural way about her in the
way she moves and emotes. She seems to
already have a strong identity in who she is,
which sometimes takes most adults years
to recognise. She is already naturally talented
but she doesn't take it for granted and during
the shoot, was eagerly absorbing
all the tips and pointers I was giving her and
I could see she was immediately grasping and putting them
into action. As we started taking the first
warm up shots, I told her just this,
"Don't be afraid to give me "ugly" faces and give
me gritty emotion". I saw something flicker in her eyes
when I said that and she went into acting mode.
She moved, she used her hands, her face, her posture
everything she had at her disposition to emote and
express different moods and I got goosebumps.
I hardly expected her to switch on so quickly
after that suggestion "to let go of her inhibitions".

Everyone is self conscious, even models and actors but
what sets them apart from the rest of us, is they know how
to use that as a tool to work with them rather than against
them, in bringing out something special from inside of them.
They take their "flaws" and turn them into their assets.
And all you see on the other side are their assets; you think
they are flawless. If only, we could all live our life like that,
and see our flaws, our insecurities as tools rather than
obstacles. Tools to tap into something about ourselves,
which we can use to empower us. It would
mean we have identified a part of ourselves, confronted it
and embraced it for what it is and made it a strength.

So here are some pics of Sunday schooling us in how
to be free of inhibitions and not afraid of learning,
not afraid to look "jolie laide" French for "ugly pretty".

Model: Sunday W of Hunter Model Management & Dallys
Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel


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6 July, 2016 - BLOW

The art of creating anything requires energy and flow.
Everything on this planet is made up of energy, from a
concrete pillar to an ant. Every thing has a certain energy
signature. I'm sure you've heard the expression
"Your vibe attracts your tribe". It is exactly that formula or recipe
that is required when creating anything. Be it you are creating
something by yourself or in a team. A certain energy is
required to be put in, and when that energy is in harmony
with each other, "vibing", things just seem to "flow".
In the moment of the act of creating, there needs to
be an "exchange" sort of like currency, a current of
energy flowing between maker and creation. When
we are acting on inspiration, things flow easily and
are not forced as if we were controlling and pushing
or pulling. So much more energy is lost when we are
trying to go against the current of the river of creativity.

As artists we animate life into our creations often with
the our own breath of energy force. And it was on that
exact note, that makeup artist, Alana Mevissen created
this beauty series "BLOW". She literally had to force air
from her lungs to push through a straw to move the white
paint on the model's skin. It is spontaneous, there is no
exact way of knowing how something like that will turn out
but that is half the thrill of trying and creating something.
This particular technique is not for the weak lunged (as I
can attest it is much harder than you may think) and there
were a few times, Alana fell light headed and giddy. You
could really say she was pouring her soul and life force
into what she was doing. Alana gradually built up the effect,
eventually darkening it with some shadowing and for the final shot,
adding the element of running water down the skin to smudge the paint stains.

Our model/ muse Daisy Nelson
of Dallys Models and Hunter Model Management is so
statuesque, her features lend themself to a Pre-Raphaelite
heroine. If Michelangelo were alive today, I am sure he
would have painted Daisy or sculpted her into an
immortalised marble being.

Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Creative Director & Makeup & Hair: Alana Mevissen
Muse: Daisy Nelson @ Dallys Models and Hunter Model Management


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