25 January, 2018 - CHROMA

Starting this year off with the limitless possibilities of experimentation.

Just before Christmas I spotted an irridescent transparent plastic
handbag in the shopwindows. It was last one in the store and $20
later I took it home, purely for the intention of using it for a shoot one day.

Well that day came when I got it out of my cupboard to play around with
the colours it throws when light shines through it and it casts colours.
I scouted model Elizabeth Fenwick in the middle of 2017 at the local
Mudgeeraba Show Day, we'd kept in contact and then finally lined up a
day this new year to shoot together. It was Liz first shoot ever and
she blew me away with how natural and creative in her own right
in the process of it all. She was a willing participant and contributor
to playing with this handbag of mine haha, in twisting it to cast
colourful shadows and shapes onto her face.

Every time I shoot, I am reminded of the trust in the process of
creating something. It is a matter of trusting the creative partners
involved, it is trusting yourself, trusting your vision and trusting
that things will work out for the best, even if not a replica of your vision.
I've learned to let go of the outcome, not being so rigid and fixed
on what I expect the outcome to look like, in fact it has become
even more exciting not knowing the effects and results.
Especially when it comes to experimenting like this shoot
was for me personally. It always feels like magic or a kind of
alchemy in putting together different elements:- The
individual who is my subject, the light (in this case midday sun),
the styling (my handbag to create the colour casts and
shapes on her face), the heat creating the sweat,
the soft wind blowing the hairs and all seen through my eye, which
is the defining element I guess in pulling things together.

As cliche as it is but photography is about seeing the moment
and seizing it! I am never more PRESENT than when I am
photographing something or somebody. It is one of the
few times I have such focus and present moment attention
on what I am doing and not victim to the thousands of
thoughts fighting for my attention, distracting me from
the NOW. It is my medidative state, the one time I
silence my egoic self and allow my soul to speak
to me through inspiration.

Side note - The word inspiration
is Latin in origin meaning In Spirit or to Breath Life/

We should all try to live inspired lives,
with purpose. For other photographers
reading this, think about it every time you
shoot, what is your intention behind what
you are shooting, your why? This is something
I ask myself all the time!

I kept this really raw, minimal retouch on Liz's beautiful
natural skin (no makeup) and with only natural light.

Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Model/Muse: Elizabeth (Liz) Fenwick

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