29 January 2016 - "Walking on Clouds"

So I had another assignment due, this one was a brief given to us by Adidas,
in which we had to pitch a campaign idea to them with imagery and a short 15 second film
clip on one of their classic models, either the Samba or the Gazelle shoe.

I will try and keep this blog short and sweet explaining how I arrived
at my concept. I decided to not think so much about the brand itself,
their history, what they've done in the past and reinterpret that.
I thought I'm going to sell them a bit of myself, which is a bit playful, fun and silly
at the best of times.

I revisited a concept I tested last year on a model, you might remember from
3 months ago, "Head in the Clouds" blog post with model Ella Carroll.
I reinterpreted that concept into "Walking on Clouds" and leave that
sybolism up to the viewer. Be it is a sense of freedom, carefreeness,
sense of comfort what it must be like walking on soft whispy clouds,
a sense of imagination or whether they saw it as dreaming of the
impossible. I injected a little Caribbean sounding beat to the video
and viola! Me on a plate! haha, no just kidding, I'm much deeper
than passing clouds.

For this shoot, I knew the feet, the shoes were going to be my
focal point. So I didn't have to look far for a model, in asking my
husband to help me execute this and flatter him that he could
finally put to some good use his "sexy legs" and football moves.

Bless my hubby, he was quite sick with tonsillitis when we shot this
and on a sweltering humid day too out in the garage.
But it was all worth it getting the chance to boss him
around and make him realise how hard modelling actually is,
even if it's just shoe modelling haha.

So here is a link to the video on YouTube

And here are some still shots to coincide with the video clip

Hope you enjoyed and it at least put a smile on your face, it
cracks me up every time watching it, thinking of my hubby
prancing his little feet off the table, moaning and groaning his "sick noises".
I was very nervous about the fold up table breaking actually!

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20 January 2016 - "RED SEA" - Fashion Film


So over the Christmas Break, I attempted my first fashion film.
It was daunting, I had dreams that kept me up nights, weeks before
the date I was to shoot. I even finally bought my first tripod as a result.

I learned a lot from that shoot, that shooting a fashion film is whole
new language and territory for me, I had to think differently, move
differently with a camera primarily fixed, that I was inevitably out of
my comfort zone. And that's a good thing right? Means you are
learning something new and so I was.....and still so much to learn.
But I've accepted that fact long time ago, that I will never stop
learning, there will always be something new and evolving to
sink my teeth in and give a go.

I had one of the best teams I could ask for creatively.
I thought, considering this is new ground for me, best
to work with a creative team I felt most comfortable
with and ones I could totally place my trust in their hands,
as these are all creatives who have their own unique
and brilliant vision, which I respect and adore.
And they so delivered on the day....

Carla Sakrzewski created the pearl-esk sea creature makeup
on model/muse Georgah C of Busy Models. I could honestly
say I completely trust Carla and her instincts. I gave the team
the brief of what I planned to do for the film, the inspiration
being the ethereal gown created by designer Andrew J Semple.
A few days before Carla messaged me that she was thinking
about pearls and I was like go for it. Similarly, with the hairstylist
Shannon JJ Williams of Tognis Hair. He is one who I learned on
one of our very first shoots, to give him space and give him the reigns
on the hair and he will create his most imaginative and best work
spontaneously. Again, Shannon brought that magic on set,
bringing along in his kit some red feathers, which at first, I
wasn't sure what he was planning on doing with it until he
started to grate his fingers along the feathers in the opposite
direction and give them a tattered and textured look.
Instantly, I got where he was going and just fell in love.
I would never have thought of using feathers as an element
nor pearls on the face. This is why when we collaborate,
it isn't "mine" or "my" work or vision per say. Yes and no.
It is usually very much a creative partnership where
trust and clear communication are key, to give each other
that security and freedom to express themselves and like every
partnership, there is always a give and take, putting one's
EGO aside and seeing the bigger collective vision.
It is during that fusion or as we'd say in the Caribbean
"the melting pot" of different creative ideas coming
together, in a very alchemist way, to bring forth the
magic, that is creating as a collective.

Georgah, what can I say about Georgah, but that
she is one hell of a model. She may not be the tallest
model, but what she lacks in height, she makes up tenfold
in her personality, her natural beauty and her work ethic.
Georgah is one of two models I have worked with on numerous
ocassions who gives more than she is asked. There is something
about Georgah, I think it is her ability to completely let go of herself
and immerse herself in that moment we are creating on set.
She appears fearless to me, or at least lets go of all fears,
limiting beliefs and just goes all in, not worried about whether
she is looking silly or weird, she just lets go and becomes the moment.
She is an artist in her own right and I will say it again, modelling
is a performance art and Georgah not only transforms
with hair, makeup and wardrobe, she also transforms
herself into the moment, the character she is personifying,
through her movement and emotion.

So thank you to my wonderful team, they gave it their absolute all
and although I still feel that I let them down in the fairly
raw and amateur moving image done by myself, this
experience not only showed me how much I have to learn
ahead of me, but also how damn talented and awesome
was my team.

We can't be afraid to fail, failure is just a step closer
to success.

Here is the link to watch the video via YouTube

And here are some beauty shots I took in between filming
the moving images.

Photography & Styling: Katriena Emmanuel
Makeup by: Carla Sakrzewski of ARC Creative
Hairstyling by: Shannon JJ Williams of Tongis Hair
Muse: Georgah Crane of Busy Models
Gown by: Andrew Semple
Headpieces by: Katriena Emmanuel


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14 January 2016 - "HOPE SPRINGS"

A few months ago, right about Spring time in Australia,
I photographed a beauty series with a young, up and coming
makeup artist, Hope O'Connor. The Brisbane based makeup artist,
despite being just 19 at the time, is one to watch. She blew me away
with her skill and attitude for perfection. I remember having a conversation
that day with Hope, that we shouldn't let age, or how long we've been
doing something determine how good we are or good we can be.
Personally, I don't judge on demographics, but on the quality of the artistry.

Hope had a concept planned out revolving around flowers and dewy skin
textures, (think after a rain, the glossy texture of the flower petals and leaves).
The model cast was a new face of Dallys Models, Maddison Barbour with her
olive skin tone, blue-green gem like eyes and symetrical face makes for great
beauty photography.

Every time I photograph something, I learn something new and this occassion
was no exception. I remember running back and forth in my studio and as I
passed Hope's work station, she had some of the left over flowers we used
on the floor on some brown paper. The flowers had started to break apart
and as I walked passed them, I noticed the tiny, pink petals scattered on the paper.
By the time I came back into the room, an idea had occurred to me, to use those
teeny, tiny petals scattered around the eye as if exploding from a larger petal.

So I suggested the idea to Hope, we were almost finished shooting
and she trusted my vision and likewise I had faith in her that she could
just "make it up on the go" makeup as we hadn't planned on
this colour scheme. Hope mixed a few palettes of eyeshadow to
match perfectly the shade of pink as the petals and then we made
our magic.

What I learned that day, is that when you are relaxed on a photoshoot,
have trust in the people you are working with, that when inspiration
strikes spontaneously, you've got to go with it. I'm learning how to
flow more, rather than have things too well planned out and exact.
Hope and I both had the confidence in each other to "let go" a bit
and just have fun and flow in the inspiration of the moment.

So the lesson learned, is this....have a plan yes, but be flexible within
that plan. When things aren't working out as smoothly, you've got
to be loose enough to let go of your planned out expectations and
just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Often times,
when we go with the flow and open our minds rather than constrain
them within an expectation, that is when we have the most fun,
and when the real magic happens.

So for 2016, I'm learning to let go more and detach myself from the outcomes.

So here are the rest of the beauty shots we did, which were published
by an fairly new Australian magazine called Stell Magazine.
Unfortunately, I haven't received the actual tearsheets from
the magazine yet, but here is what they published from the series.

(these were the flowers with the tiny petals that had fallen off which we scattered under the eye)

An aging rose, the colours were so amazing and inspiring, that Hope created the lips
drawing reference to the burnt reds and purples of the rose with a dash of gold

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8 January 2016 - Creative Portraiture

Welcome 2016! The year of the Rose Quartz and Serenity, this
year's PANTONE Colours of the Year.

Firstly, I'd like to wish happy new year to you, who check out my
blogs from time to time. This year I've set some goals, mostly to
just follow my heart and instincts and do what thrills me and
keep experimenting like I do. I've never been one to stick to
one particular style, I like to keep experimenting and evolving.
I think the day I stop evolving as an artist, and I'm just stagnant
and repeating myself, then it's probably the day I should pause
and re-evaluate what inspires me and what fuels me or just
stop altogether and look for some other passion that is out there
waiting to be discovered.

So start off 2016, I thought I'd share a new direction I started
late last year, which you might see me doing more this year,
exploring this side of photography and art a bit more.

So here are some creative portraiture shots I did during a model
test shoot last year. Sophie is actually a model I scouted on
Instagram and she's been lucky enough to be picked up by
Busy Models. Sophie actually lives in NSW but we were
fortunate enough to meet up while she vacationed on the
Gold Coast and take some shots for her portfolio.

So here is some of what we got up too, showing more of
the creative stuff than the model portfolio stuff that we did.

Sophie is a natural beauty, freckly faced, green eyed beauty.
We kept her test fairly natural, no makeup, and just clothes from
her own wardrobe mixed with a few of the crazy pieces I've made,
like my tinsel vest. We did get a bit creative with sparkly sequins
which I glued to her face and a little gloss on the lips, but that
was about all Sophie needed.


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