23 February 2018 - Dandy-Lion

Dandelions are my favourite weedy flowers.
The stages of their development is so magical.
I picked some dandelions over a year ago,when they were in the seeding
stage and close to be blown away. I kept them safe on my
shelf, saving them for a rainy day when I'd use them
in a shoot.

Well that "rainy day" came. It was actually a very sunny hot and windy day.
I had a quick little test with Kayla of Busy Models and I thought
she reminded me of a dandelion. She has this free spirit, just like
you cannot control where the seeds will disperse and land.
Her hair is a prominent feature, like a lion's mane and so
are her piecing blue eyes, that seem to penetrate into
your very existence.

Kayla is the epitome of the French expression
"Je nais se quoi". You just can't put your finger
on it. In her eyes lie a mystery.

So here are some of what we got up to during
that test shoot, whereby I incorporated
my dandelion specimens.

Photographer & Styling: Katriena Emmanuel
Beauty: Shannon Jennings
Muse: Kayla of Busy Models

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