19 February, 2017 - HUNGRY EYES

Her movements are feline,
slow and calculated
every step measured.

Her eyes follow your every movement
She stands poised as if ready to
pounce at any moment

Brooke Madsen of Viviens hasn't been
modelling for too long, yet she makes
it look so natural and easy.
Throughout this shoot, I kept
saying to Brooke, she reminds me
of a lioness, her eyes feline and
her movements liquid.
Ironically, Brooke's star sign
is LEO and I can totally
see her lion's mane
coming through in some of the shots.
We kept this fairly raw and natural,
Brooke had stained her eyes with
some mascara and smudged liner
for that "I slept in last night's" makeup
look and we styled her mostly in
Silk Laundry's 90's slip dresses and
basic tee and Grace Bijoux metal bra worn
on the outside and for a slightly
oriental inspired look in the
Isabelle Quinn Elsa wrap dress
(which I have probably photographed
styled in a 100 different ways) with
hair pins and hair accessories by UK designer
Luna Bea, worn in hair and as
broches on the emerald slip dress.


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12 February, 2017 - MOON CHILD

Stay wild
Moon child

Small talk iritates her,
she'd rather talk about the moon, crystals
and astral travel
She is not like most,
Her alien beauty
doesn't seem to be of this planet
When the moon is at it's fullest
She looses sleep
Her body struggles to contain her spirit
It is as if she is itching to shed her skin
and take her true form
beaneath the silvery glow

Keeping this one short and sweet.
Here's a recent session with Lorelle Crawford
of Tamblyns and Chadwicks in Melbourne,
where she is currently based.
I've known Lorelle a few years now
and she is still a mystery to me
perhaps even to herself in some ways.
You feel Lorelle before you even see
her enter the room.
She has an energy about her that is
soothing, intoxicating.
Her piercing crystal blue eyes seem
to see right through you.
I always feel so calm around Lorelle,
and I secretly believe she is not of this world.

silver silk slip dress by Silk Laundry


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2 February, 2017 - "MY SILK LAUNDRY"

I've totally missed the first month of 2017, whoops!
But hey, it was only just Chinese New Year on the weekend,
so I'm not too late to say Happy New Year.

Here is a little playful something something
I shot last month for Australian brand "Silk Laundry",
renowned for some of the best quality 90's silk slip dresses.

I'm loving how silk can be dressed up or down
depending on the occasion and how it climatises to
your body temperature is the best thing yet!
Especially on these long hot summer days,
I find myself wearing my Silk Laundry to keep me cool,
while looking just as cool in them haha.

Keeping it raw and effortlessly natural, here's a look of their
diversified range of silkwear.
Modelled by muse/model Brigette Cooper and styled
by the girls behind Silk Laundry themselves.
There's the link above, cause I know you will
want to buy one maybe, two or three!
The silk addiction begins, trust me!
You wont mind being addicted to this haha.

Hope you enjoy the playfull story we created.



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