29 February, 2016 - Cole Magazine "Child's Play"

I am so excited to finally share with you an editorial I shot last year October,
which has been published in Norwegian based magazine, Cole.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this shoot was, it was one
of the best days of my life, spend with the coolest bunch of creatives.
The original inspiration for this beauty story, is my daughter, Ella.
Playing so much with all her toys and crafts spun an idea in my
head once day while mowing the lawn, to stick play doh shapes
onto a face, as a sort of three dimensional effect. From there the
concept grew into several different looks all based around child's
play, all the things, sometimes mischievous stuff kids do. Leading
up to the shoot, the makeup artist, Georgina Ryland and I met up
and brainstormed the looks we could create, each throwing ideas
out, we had so many by the end of it, that we unfortunately
didn't manage to execute all on the day, there was already so
much on our plate.

So here are the published tearsheets from Cole Magazine's Clothes Issue
"Edged in Colour".

Some other out takes that didn't make the final cut together with some behind
the scenes on the day.

Georgina painting on creepy eyes for Skittles shot

Thank you to my amazing team, without which I couldn't have brought this to life:-
Makeup Artist: Georgina Ryland
Hairstylist: Aleesha Darke
Stylist: Alyssa Selin
and my most perfect muse: Brooke Madsen @Viviens Model Management

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18 February, 2016 - Watch this Face

My first blog entry for the month, already half way through February and
I've got a lot of blogging to catch up but it's been hectic to find time to
sit and blog. So will make this one short and sweet.

Often I explain to people there are mainly two types of models in the
fashion industry, there are the commercial looking models like Mirander Kerr
and then there are the high fashion models like Gemma Ward, Codie Young
and Julia Knobis. The difference is simple by explaining it like this...
commercial looking models are your girl next door beauty, Mirander
Kerr always looks like Mirander Kerr no matter the hair, makeup and
styling transformation, you can always recognise its her.

On the other end, the high fashion models are what I like to call
the awkward beauties, or the alien beauties. They have the kind
of blank canvas type of beauty that is transformative and chameleon
like.....think Gemma Ward and one of my all time favourites
Kristen McMenamy. I've recently come across one such
transformative beauties, in the form of Holly Soden of Dallys
Model Management in Brisbane. At just 17 and in her last year of school,
this young lady with a penchant for interior design, has all the makings
of an international model. I would bet money on it that this girl
will grace the pages and even cover of Vogue Italia one day.

So here are some shots from Holly's recent test shoot with myself and
makeup artist Alana Mevissen.

I started out shooting a few shots of Holly with no makeup and then Alana
built up the makeup and hair across the different looks we shot.
At the end of the shoot, I had been wanting to test out an
idea I had, about using a wig hair net over the face and sticking
flowers in it for a beauty shot and I thought Holly's facial features
are just right for such a concept. The thing about photography is
it's one of those art forms that you can't really practice until the
actual day of the shoot, when you have the actual model in front of
you, wearing the clothes and hair and makeup and lighting, then
the magic of the moment comes together and you take the picture.
It's hard to sometimes have visions for concepts in your head and
you aren't sure if they will translate until you actually have it altogether
on the day. And of course, sometimes it doesn't work and you need to
know when to pull back the reigns and let it go and try something
else. But for this day, all I can say is that I was very lucky to have
one of my crazy ideas work out, with the right model and the
right hair and makeup that I believe complimented the look overall.

So here you go, a few sneak peeks at what we got up to.


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