21 December, 2016 - "BOY BAND"

One time at Band Camp, I thought I'd start a boy band. Lasted
2 hours ! True story.

I had the opportunity to test some newly signed talent
to Viviens Model Management, here in Brisbane.
So I asked them to send me all three boys on the same
day to shoot them altogether in one go. Lasted just over
two hours, we had overestimated the time
it would take to shoot three male models,
considering there was no makeup and hair, just
wardrobe changes. So the time flew quicker
than we estimated.

When I saw the digis of the three male models,
they all had one thing in common. I could
envision them all working in London. They
all had a look I thought I could see doing the
London market, so I planned on shooting
them accordingly. Crisp, clean lines and
some cool threads is what I envisioned.
Stylist, Watisoni Lomani had lined up a
mixture of local Australian menswear designers
with a few internationals thrown in for good measure.
Otis, one of the younger models is a designer brand
afficionado and brought some of his high end
labels like YSL, his favourite designer. So Watisoni
also mixed in some of Otis' wardrobe into
what he had sourced.

Shooting male models is so much fun, there
is so much more simplicity in shooting the guys.
Simple is usually how I like it best for test shoots,
the old "less is more" rule always holds up, especially
when they are just starting up their portfolios.
Each guy has their own unique look and just as
unique personality, which they definitely brought
on the day, which made it super entertaining to
see them all blend together harmoniously.

So here's my attempt at putting together a
boy band..... it lasted shorter time than
One Direction (sorry girls if that's still a tender topic).



Jy and Otis

Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Wardrobe Stylist: Watisoni Lomani
Models: Ben, Jy and Otis @ Viviens Model Management


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(c) copyright Katriena Emmanuel Photography Pty Ltd all rights reserved