23 December - The Christmas Cover

It's only 2 days before Christmas, so I know everyone is rushed
for time, so will keep this short and sweet.

I'm excited to share with you a beauty story created by Gold Coast
makeup artist, Shannon Jennings, which made the cover for
Ellements Magazine's December Issue. It is always very sweet
when one of your images makes a cover, it gives you that little boost
to know that someone things your work is worthy of the coveted
spot on magazine real estate. I am always grateful for small and big
achievements like this one and Ellements Magazine has been such
a wonderful support of my work over the years and I am always
appreciative of that.

So here is Shannon's vision, a beauty shoot she creatively directed
herself. I was both amazed and proud of Shannon as her she took on
the challenge of free style drawing onto the model's face and body,
without ever really learning body art. What she did that day proved to
me the natural artistic talent Shannon has inside of her and with
enough self belief, it is unleashed.

So thank you to an awesome team that day to create this wintery
beauty story.

Creative Direction/ Makeup: Shannon Jennings
Hair: Jennifer Erdahl
Model / Muse: Scarlett Jones of QUE Models
Photography & Retouch: Katriena Emmanuel

And of course, thank you to Ellements Magazine.

Wishing you all a very safe and merry Christmas.


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9 December - Angels and Demons

I believe that we are all born with good and bad within us,
what dominates our psyche depends on which one you feed.
There is a duality in everything about life.

Life is about contrasts,
it is why we have day and night,
the ying and the yang,
the good and the bad,
the positive and the negative,
We need the contrast to keep us grounded,
for balance and for perspective.
After all, how can one see the stars unless there is darkness.

And for this story, it came about very much on the spur of the
moment, inspired by destruction of an area on the Gold Coast,
called The Spit by fires a few weekends ago.
I often find there is beauty even in the decay or the
destruction of things, but even after the fact, things are
evolving, changing. Even when I shot at The Spit,
a week after the fires, I could already see new green shoots
sprouting up from the ashes, springing forth new life.

So in the matter of 3 days, this shoot came together.
I was lucky enough to be loaned two pieces from
some Gold Coast based designers, Casey Tanswell Designs
and Andrew Semple. I love championing local talent and
these two have to be my favourites personally.
As fate would have it, Andrew had been working on
a new headpiece at the time for his black gown
and when I picked it up the day before the shoot, it so
happened to be these magnificient horns with tassles.
I couldn't think of anything more suitable for shooting
on burned terrain.


On the day of the shoot, it was a stinking hot and windy day.
By the time we drove out to The Spit, it was already 11 o'clock.
So I quickly shot the two gowns within an hour, to get out
of that heat as fast as we could. I packed an old pair of
black wings I've used several times before, thinking
I could somehow pair it with Casey Tanswell's velvet gown.
It worked perfectly, Abbie stood there somewhere between
looking like a raven or a fallen angel.

I've shot Abbie Clarke of Busy Models, on three ocassions now
and all I can say is that girl is a DREAM to photograph.
It is like she is under some sort of spell when the camera turns on her,
she moves, she glides fluidly in and out of poses and her emotions
seem to harmonise perfectly with her actions.

So here are some shots from that day, with beauty by Shannon Jennings
hair styled by the Wind and model/muse Abbie C of Busy Models.
In order of appearance - Designers: Andrew Semple and Casey Tanswell.

Some unedited behind the scenes also scattered in the mix

Behind the scenes of Abbie standing in Casey Tanswell gown, battling the wind in her hair

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