31 August, 2017 - FACE2FACE 2017

This year I shot two Face2Face entries and both are some of my
favourite current work to share.

The first entry I'd like to share is that of Nicole Bruce, a makeup artist from Dalby.
For the last 3 years, I've shot Nicole's entry into the editorial award for Face2Face
at the Sydney Beauty Expo. In that time, I've seen Nicole grow from strength
to strength as an artist, this year she was the most confident in her vision and
clarity for her entry and it's her strongest entry to date.

Nicole had showed me some inspiration photos for the sort of
moody, almost sci fi lighting with the cooler tones for what
she wanted to create lighting wise to compliment her futuristic modern take
on classic beauty. So to create this, I improvised quite a bit, as I only own
one light modifier that works with coloured gels (my barn doors).
I had one strobe I could use with a coloured gel, but we wanted to mix
two colours essentially, a blue with a red to give a purplish mix
of colours. I pulled out a constant light source I bought from
a party supply store, the kind of light DJ's would use. It is just
basically what they would call a "wash light" that washes
a scene with colour. So on one side of the model I positioned the blue light
and on the other side and slightly behind the model, I positioned
the barn door with the red gel on lowest power, as I didn't want
an outright red, but more of a pink, softer shade of red.
Placed directly in front of the model for butterfly light effect, was
my medium size beauty dish with a honeycomb grid.

I essentially had one constant light source (the blue disco wash light)
but I needed another constant light source to reflect the silver mylar
we incorporated into the makeup look, outlining the lips and on the eyelids.
So for that, I had Nicole or the stylist Jenni Sellan, stand close to the model,
with the only constant light source I could think of at the time, a portable
little LED lamp. Haha, sometimes, you just got to improvise to create the light
you want.

Here are some behind the scenes taken on my phone on the day as well as
sketch light diagram.

The silver mylar is actually what we cut strips out to outline her eyes and lids as well as keep her
warm in the studio and provide some bounce too.

Here are Nicole's entry into this year's Face2Face Awards:-

And after we shot the entry, Jenni had a piece of fabric, she had
been dying to play with and threw it over the model's face and
quickly, in like 10 minutes we did a few shots of it and here are the


Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel
Makeup Artist & Creative Director: Nicole Bruce
Wardrobe Stylist/ Hairstylist: Jenni Sellan
Model/ Muse: Regan Botica of QUE Models






(c) copyright Katriena Emmanuel Photography Pty Ltd all rights reserved