24 August, 2016 - "AMOEBA"

I finally got some down time to actually look through a personal shoot
I did in the first week of January. Yes, it's taken me so long to go back
to it, as shortly after doing it, life got pretty busy. So this week
I'm finally going through the shots, I also shot an accompanying
short film for it, which I will hopefully also finish this week. So
stay tuned for the film version.

This was a bit of a spur of the moment shoot, calling upon Lily K
of Busy Models, who's become a bit of a muse for me personally.
Lily was the first model I scouted in the grocery store and since then
I've shot her, well I've lost count to be honest. You can definitely say
when I scouted her, I found something very inspiring about her.
She is not only beautiful to photograph, but she really loves
all things photography and modelling, so she gives back so
much more to you in camera.

So at the start of this year, I made a decision to take more risks
and experiment more. So I rang up Lily and she and her little sister
Eliza, came around to my house and helped me with this shoot.
I love beauty photography and as much as I love traditional
cosmetic makeup, I also love playing around with stuff that
isn't necessarily makeup, to create a beauty story.
So we kept this pretty raw, Lily just did her brows that day
and her freckly skin was flawless. So we played with
different coloured lights and shapes to sort of
"paint with light" on Lily's face. After all, the word "photography"
stems from the Greek language to mean "draw with light" or
"paint with light". So instead of painting colourful patterns
with traditional makeup and face paint on Lily, we did it
with light.

So keeping this series unretouched except for some contrast
in the colours, here is what we did over 8 months ago. There
are some other concepts we also did that day, which I'll bring
out a little later on this week. So keep an eye on my Instagram
for those "more expressive" beauty stories.

Model - Lily Klein of Busy Models
Photo Assistant - Eliza Klein
Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel


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13 August, 2016 - Frauleins and Fillies

I can't believe a week from today, I fell in love.
Yes, I am beginning to think I fall in love every time
I shoot. I fall in love with the model(s), the creative
team I work with, the concept, or the styling. LOVE.
Last week I absolutely fell in love with both my models,
the model's horses, her mom and entire family lets just say
and the makeup artist (who I met for the first time).

This shoot was close to not happening, despite weeks of
planning. The day before the shoot, I was driving around
collecting garments and props for the shoot and my intuition
kept telling me that I should not drive up alone to the shoot,
that something might happen to the car. Well, I also felt
the car wasn't driving like how it normally feels- it was
vibrating every time I accelerated. So when my husband
test drove it, he suspected it might have been the engine
or transmission and told me it wasn't safe to risk driving it.
I had a little tantrum that there was no way I could not
get to the shoot and that he will have to drive me himself
and drop me off if he had to. So be it. I got there in the end,
but still not without more panic attacks over the weather.
The weather forecast despite it being gloriously sunny on the
Gold Coast, in Byron it had been pouring rain last few days and
forecast more rain that day of the shoot. I kept checking in
on the weather down in Byron and despite first hand
testimonials that it was still raining, I decided we still
give it a try and pray the sun comes out when its time
to start shooting.

Well, the shoot didn't go exactly how I envisioned in my
mind due to the rainy weather, but the rain created
another mood and direction for us to go in, and we
just went with the flow. It is times like these, when
you feel like nothing is going your way, that a supportive
and talented team really makes a huge difference.
I was super lucky that we had a brilliant team, consisting
of makeup artist Georgia Gaillard, models Brooke Madsen
and Bodhi Genis of Viviens Models and Bodhi's amazing
mother Lois, who was our horse stylist and animal talent
manager for the day. Even more serendipitous, is that
Georgia grew up on a stud farm and was
a pro around horses, and even got in there grooming
the horses and braiding flowers into their manes. In fact,
Georgia attributes her experience with horses growing up
as what inspired her to get into makeup artistry. How incredible is that!

And of course, I couldn't forget the rest of our amazing team - the horses!
Charlie and Katori. They were absolutely incredible on the day, so calm
and responsive, we couldn't have asked more of them.
Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to own a horse.
Sadly that hasn't happened, but I am sure one day it will.
In the seven years I've been a photographer, this is probably
the fourth time I've shot with horses, and I have so much
respect for them. I am sensitive to what may possibly
affect them on the day, so no reflectors, nothing too shiny
around, that might give them a fright. It is so important as well
to be calm with them, introduce yourself to them and of
course bring apples to bribe them haha. Bodhi is an
experienced rider and rode on her own horse, Katori.
Whilst, Brooke has had no previous experience with
horses, it was actually quite special to see her
blossom in confidence on the day. She surprised me
being so calm when she first got up on Charlie and
as Lois and Bodhi gave her instructions on how to
control the horse with various verbal and touch commands,
by the end of the shoot, she was so at ease in the saddle
and in control. I was actually so proud of her.
There were moments when Brooke was learning
to gain the horses trust and control, that I saw
the spiritual lessons in that dance between them.
Horses are truly magical creatures, they can teach
us so much, if we are open to them.

So the rain would go and then come again a few minutes later.
So there were moments when the girls were waiting
under the shelter of a small tackle room. I was getting
nervous that I might not get sufficient time to shoot,
so I made hay while the sun didn't shine and just
started shooting the girls giggling and cuddling up together
to keep warm in the tackle room. So holding a purple
umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other, I
took some of my favourite shots of Bodhi and Brooke
huddled together waiting for the rain to stop.
Not having the ideal of weather conditions, has taught
me a lesson, to be more attentive to the opportunities.

So here it is, frauleins and fillies !





Photographer & Stylist: Katriena Emmanuel
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Georgia Gaillard
Horse Stylist & Wrangler: Lois Genis
Models: Bodhi Genis and Brooke Madsen of Viviens Model Management
Horse Talents: Charlie and Katori
Garments featured are by local Australian Designers: Silk Laundry (slip dresses);
Isabelle Quinn (lace dresses); Casey Tanswell (silver skirt and bodice);
and Andrew J Semple (white gown).

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