27 - Surfers Paradise "My City"

This shoot represents many things for me.
Firstly, Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast has become a second home for me.
I was born and grew up in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and
I admit, after 10 years in Australia, it has taken me a while to let go of my
birth home and embrace my new home wholeheartedly. I'm trying to live
and be more present and appreciate my "here and now".

This editorial story represents for me what it is like to live or visit Surfers Paradise
a little city in the middle of a long stretch of beautiful beach coastline. It's got the
quintessential touristy stuff you'd expect, the glit and glamour, the quirky and
unexpected, and of course, we are right on the beach, so there is the sun and sea.
I wanted to take the viewer on the journey as if they were following their favourite
blogger/ fashionista as she visited new places, and explored voyueristically with her.

So I called upon a good friend, who is one of Australia's brightest upcoming young designers,
Casey Tanswell, who also happens to be a proud Gold Coaster, so I thought what could be
more perfect, seeing her sophisticated, European inspired clothing juxtapositioned on the
bustling touristy district of Surfers Paradise. Carla Sakrzewski created the flawless, minimalistic
beauty on our model Chloe Evans of Busy Models and IMG, complete with a winged eye sans
mascara, cause let's face it, our protagonist leads a busy lifestyle, who will make the time to
perfect the winged liner but run out the door without the mascara. The team was complete!

This year I promised myself to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone.
And this shoot did exactly that for me. I knew shooting in public places,
one that is all year round bustling with tourists far more during school holidays
that it would be a challenge for me. I usually avoid public spaces as there is
the people factor, as well as the constraints in how much gear you can carry,
the space you have to move about and frame your subject against particularly
a very busy background of tall buildings, brightly coloured shops and pedestrians.

So I packed very light, probably lighter than usual, just my camera with one lens (50mm)
and I worked with the available and ambient light in sometimes tight and crowded situations,
namely on top of the Sky 1 SkyDeck - that was probably the most challenging situation
out of this entire shoot. I'd step back to compose the shot and back myself into a wall,
it was a bit restrictive in certain spots to shoot wide and then you would have to be
patient and wait for visitors/ tourists to walk pass out of the frame. Then there was the bright
glare coming through the 360 degrees of glass panes!

I learned a lot from this shoot, how to retreat into my still place inside, when I
felt the pressure of quickly fading winter light, as I started shooting just about 2pm
on top of the Sky 1 then we drove and shot on the streets of Cavill Avenue and
Orchid Avenue and then finally made our way to the beachfront.

There was so much love for this shoot. I am beginning to find it hard to choose
shoots that I love, like choosing your favourite child. But not based on which
shoot I felt produced the most outstanding imagery, but based on the memories
and experiences shared on the day with amazing people. This shoot was one of them.
Chloe's parents both came along and they were so great to have with myself and Casey
as logistically, we needed the assistance to watch the garments, while we strolled and

Before meeting Chloe, I had a sense this girl was going to be a supermodel one day.
After meeting the 15 year old, leggy Chloe, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind
that I shot a future supermodel! At times she reminded me of a young Kate Moss with
the angles of her face and how she could switch from girly fun to serious sophistication
in the blink of an eye. Chloe blew me away how talented she is at just 15 with very little
experience in front of the camera since she was scouted over a year ago by Summer Fisher
of Busy Models. I am convinced Chloe was born a supermodel and best of all she has
the most supportive parents who are carefully watching every step she takes.

So thank you to my amazing team, you created more than images, but have
imprinted memories of a great day in my heart.

Photographer/ Creative Director: Katriena Emmanuel
Stylist/ Designer: Casey Tanswell
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Carla Sakrzewski of Arc Creative
Chloe Evans of Busy Models and IMG
And to Mr and Mrs Evans for your assistance on the day
handbag accessories supplied by Leathernett

Thank you Geraldine Evans for the behind the scenes photos!

Carla and Chloe after hair and makeup



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23 August - Face2Face Makeup Awards Winner

So every year since the Sydney Beauty Expo has held the Face2Face Makeup Awards,
I have shot at least two different makeup artists entries and with each that I have shot,
I have always hoped they'd be a winner (they have been all winners in my eyes & heart).

Well this year I can proudly say that I shot the winner of the Beauty Editorial Category
of the Face2Face Makeup Awards - Congratulations ALANA MEVISSEN!

Even if Alana had not won, I knew on the day we shot her entry, that I would blog about
this shoot, because the day it all came together, was one of those magic days, you just
felt it in the air.

Alana Mevissen had not planned on entering again this year, but in the last week of
registration for the contest, she rang me up on the Wednesday and asked if I was busy
or had time to shoot her entry by the Friday. Luckily I was free on the Friday and so we
both began putting the pieces together. I asked Alana what her makeup concept was
to determine what sort of model she had in mind to suit it, she originally told me
an Asian or Oriental looking model. So I sent through to her some of the local
agency faces that fit her brief, but I threw in a new face I had fallen in love, Tara of Dallys.
For me, Tara just has one of those faces, that looks high fashion, that has the versatility
to transform and with killer cheekbones, and amazing shape eyes and colour, how could
you go wrong with that face!

Tara getting her brows bleached while Alana preps the hair

We were all buzzingly happy that day I think.

Tara you are still so beautiful even with bleach on your eyebrows!

Alana immediately fell in love with Tara's look and scrapped her original concept for an Asian model.

So while Alana got to brainstorming and sketching the look she was going to create, I organised
with Dallys Agency to book Tara. Considering it was Thursday by this time and we wanted
to shoot Friday, the gods must have been smiling on us, as Dallys quickly got back to me
with a confirmation that Tara was available on Friday! YAY!

Alana was then another step ahead of me, as she knew how important styling would be
for a beauty story where the brief was it's for the pages of Vogue Italia. Vogue Italia
is one of those magazines that is rich in eccentric and luxe styling and therefore would
be an important element in nailing just as well as the makeup component. So Alana
managed to wrangle freelance stylist Georgia Rostagno, who luckily was available
on the Friday and quickly pulled from her extensive personal wardrobe.

On the day of the shoot, Alana sat all 3 of us down and showed us her sketch
and Georgia quickly edited her wardrobe down to two avante garde looks
that flowed from one into the other.

Above shot of Alana's facecut out using as a stencil to draw the outline

With brows bleached, Alana then got to work to painting the face, using a paper cut out
to draw as smooth a line as possible around the face. Then it all started taking life. We
all seemed to be in synch creatively putting together the looks and there was an
excitement in the air as we felt that magic that this was something pretty special
that we were creating. I won't argue that we all seriously considered this was
going to be a winner! Plus we had a secret good luck charm, my daughter, who
stayed home from daycare that day a bit ill. It's funny, because every single time
that Alana and I have worked together, either one or both of us have had our
daughters present and every shoot we've done together has felt like magic
and we secretly think we owe it to our little good luck charms. But I really
think it is because we are working from a place of love and having one of our
kids there a part of that creativity, reminds us of that love.

My little daughter stepping in for a victory dance after the shoot. She even asked Alana to do her makeup

So the lesson learned from Alana's spontaneous decision to enter at the last
minute the competition, is that in life, sometimes it calls for us to act
on a whim, to just take a chance and go all in. That when we step out
of our comfort zone, that is when amazing things can happen, we grow,
we transform and transcend, because it's when we are not afraid to fail,
that we create a masterpiece. Besides, what is failure, but an event,
a stepping stone to success.

So congratulations Alana Mevissen on winning! I said it on the day of the shoot,
but I will say it again, I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, you believed in yourself
and look at how everything came together so beautifully with Tara, Georgia and
myself and we all believed in you and felt blessed to be a part of your masterpiece.

The winning entry, shot with a beauty dish on the model, and 2 softboxes on the backdrop


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16 August - Summer Nights - Solstice Magazine

Last month UK magazine, Solstice published a beauty editorial story I had shot with makeup artist Sheri Vegas
and model Julia Durham of Busy Models. Ever since Julia was signed with Busy Models, she has been
a face to watch and I think I say it everytime I see her, that" one day Julia you're gonna win a huge
cosmetics campaign contract and be the face across the brand". I am prepared to place bets on
this girl! She has one of those closely symetrical faces, just perfect for beauty with full lips and
big bright eyes that captivate you with an intensity.

For this shoot, Sheri wanted to create a story around jewel toned colours like burnt reds, deep purples,
shimmering golds and berry reds either contoured over the eyes or swept over the lips.

So here are some behind the scenes taken on an Iphone from the day of the shoot, from the light
set up, in which I used only a medium beauty dish with honeycomb grid and a silver reflector below.

Some of Sheri's brushes, the copper edged ones are a sneak peek into Sheri's line of brushes to be released soon

the light set up


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9 August - Scarlett

A little while back I shot this fresh faced beauty, Scarlett, just 15 but almost reaching 6ft tall.
Since shooting Scarlett's test shoot she is now represented by Viviens Model Management,
in Brisbane.

I can officially say this is the first time I've done a shoot where I had a designated photo assistant.
One who is an actual photographer themself, instead of my usual - grab whoever is available,
like the makeup artist or stylist. Casey Eveleigh, is one of those photographers I've met through
social media, he had reached out to me and we both began following each other's works.

Casey's work primarily focuses on surf and beach culture with beautiful seascapes and wave
sculptures he captures out in the water. Really amazing stuff. So out of the blue I decided
to take him up on his offer to come assist me one day on a shoot as he is trying to shoot
more people and portraiture. I have to say, it made such a huge difference having an assistant
on location with me, especially one who understands light and strong enough to withstand
the winds blowing the reflector/ scrim on the day. Thank you so much Casey for your assistance
and contribution !

So for this shoot, we started about just after 9.30am on a winter's morning and wrapped up shooting just before noon.
It's all shot using natural light, hardly used any bounce as was a fairly bright day, so Casey helped filter the light
using a large scrim.

Here are some shots from that fun morning together with the dream team of:-

Makeup and hair by Mia Connor
Tan by Bella Bronze Tans
Styling and creative direction by Sallie Jane Wilson
Model: Scarlett Fahey of Viviens
Assistant: Casey Eveleigh


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2 August - PARALIAN

Paralian (n.) - One who lives by the sea

Here's a little short narrative I told myself while shooting for this mermaid inspired fashion story.

"She was born of the sea, with scales and fins. Then one day, while close to the shore,
she fell in love with a fisherman. So she prayed to the gods to take from her what made her her own,
sacrificing her tail, so she could walk on land to be with her one true love.

All was well until one day her fisherman left her for a trip far out to sea for which he never returned.
And now she is trapped in her existence on land. For she had foresaken the thing that made her, her true self
and so she could never return to that existence. The sea had taken from her everything she had loved,
but at the same time, she couldn't live apart from the sea. So now she spends her days along the shoreline
searching for the lost piece of herself, her lost love."

Katriena Emmanuel

Very excited to share with you some tearsheets and photos from a shoot I did a few months ago with a fab team.
Seriously, I had so much fun that day, we were near the water, there was glitter and sequinned gowns, what more
could a girl ask for.

So out in this month's issue of Jute Magazine, here are the actual tearsheets as well as some additional shots that
didn't make the cut and some sneaky behind the scenes I took of some of the team.

Sheri doing her thing

Alyssa doing her thing. It was so bright that day, as it was close to noon by this time.

Thank you so much to the team and the creative genius of Sheri Vegas for putting the team together:-

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Sheri Vegas
Wardrobe Stylist: Alyssa Selin
Assistant Makeup Artist & Official Best Sand Kicker: Kat McAndrew
Model/ Muse: Georgah Crane of Busy Models
Photographer: Katriena Emmanuel

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