20 April, 2017 - ZOE

Recently, I had a reunion with model Zoe Hoad of Dallys,
whom I haven't shot in almost 3 years. In that short time,
Zoe has all grown up. For someone so young,
she's felt and experienced a lot in her life, but it's
made her stronger and I could see how it
has added layers and depth to the way she now

A true muse.....

An adventure loving Saggitarian,
with a wicked sense of humour,
who's hungry to learn, loves listening
to Alan Watts, and passionate about
fitness, health and being environmentally
conscience. You inspire me in so many
ways Zoe. You are truly amazing!

So Zoe came over one day and I basically
told to strip off her clothes,
rub oil on her skin, smear gold glittery stars
all over herself, cut hair falling into her eyes and face
and pour cold water over her head.
And after all that I had done to her, the rain decided
to come down on our shoot and wash it all away.
The things a model does when they are a muse.
So thank you Zoe for putting up with all my
wacky ideas in the 2 hours or so we hung out.

So here is but a short snippet of some of the
shenanigans Zoe and I got up to. Time seemed
to fly so quickly that day and we even had
the best time shooting out in the rain.

Zoe in the raw...

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