28 April, 2016 - Sabrina

Oh Sabrina the Fair!

Once upon a time, there was a Byron born English Rose,
named Sabrina the Fair. I met her one day at the sea shore.
Her hair whipped about her face, the sun stinging her blue-green eyes,
as she rolled her long body on crushed sea shells.
It was the day I met an angel on earth.

Sabrina has the type of beauty that runs
deepee than her pores, surpassing time and age.
She's an old soul at just 16 years old.
A sense of compassion I don't often see
in someone so young. She has come into her own,
she has embraced all that makes her who she is,
flaws, freckles and all. It is this, that gives her a
quiet confidence as she steps into the bold world.
And no doubt, in a few more years, she will again
rediscover herself. I think we all
rediscover ourselves several times in a lifetime, as
we are in constant evolution, just as the
world around us changes with the seasons.

I had so much fun shooting Sabrina. The day
was windy, slightly chilly and despite
the cold water and sharp sea shells on the shore,
Sabrina embraced all the elements I threw at her
literally, with no complaint, other than a laugh
and a cheeky smirk. The sun played games with
us that day, a bit of hide and seek as you will
notice in the changes in softness to hardness
of the light.


Sabrina you have a beautiful soul,
I hope you stay brave and always know
that you have everything you will ever
need inside of you, to overcome
any fears or circumstance and rise
above it like a dolphin on the crest of a wave.

Model: Sabrina Major @IMG Models
Photography: Katriena Emmanuel


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13 April, 2016 - Sunrise Swim

Another sunrise swim, it's becoming a habit.

Sunrise is becoming my favourite time of the day.
And recently, Lily Klein of Busy Models (who will forever be special
to me, because she is the first model I ever scouted), got together
one morning at the break of dawn to shoot some test shots for her folio.

I have lost count of how many times I've photographed Lily,
safe to say she is one of my muses. Reflecting on all the models
I have scouted to date, all have the kind of beauty that inspires me
as a photographer.

Personally, I love simplicity and I feel it is mirrored in the way I
photograph. That is, I like to travel light. In studio I often prefer
to shoot with just one light, keep it simple I say. In the outdoors,
I hate the idea of lugging around heavy lighting equipment and
gear and so I keep it simple again, just one light - the sun.

As much as I love working with large creative teams,
there is something almost serene and meditative when
it is just myself and the model, no other people around
other than civilians wandering about. It feels more
personal and if I'm honest, I feel a lot more freedom
to make mistakes.

Sometimes mistakes make magic.

Sunrise, is magical. The light for that short
period of time is ever changing and so so beautiful.

I was like a child in a glitter factory that morning
that's the only way I can describe my excitement
at watching the sun rise and seeing the colours and
the sparkles in the water around Lily. Then in a second
it's gone. The light changes and so does Lily transform.
The sea changes colour, but the sea does not change.

Model: Lily Klein of Busy Models
Photography & styling: Katriena Emmanuel


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